Laser protective glass


Best protective glasses for laser heads

We offer

protective lences


fiber, disk and diode lasers

ensuring a wide bandwidth of laser beam (above 99.5%) for both wavelengths in the range of 900 - 1080nm (for process beam) and 600 - 700nm (for quality control systems). Contrakt-materials products work in
lasers for cutting, welding, cladding
and even

laser hardening

where laser power often reaches 12 kW.

Our glasses can be used in leading machines manufacturers such as: Trumpf, Bystronic, Amada, Scansonic, Highyag, Blackbird, Optoscan, LaserMech and many others.

Our clients are companies from automotive industry (OEM, Tier 1, Tier 2), energy sector, machine construction and railway industries. We keep most of our products on stock in Katowice, so we could provide shipping within two business days.

Please find below selected protective windows sizes:

Wavelength / coating AR [nm ] Diameter [mm] Thickness [mm]
900 - 108022,354,00
900 - 108025,404,00
900 - 108030,005,00
900 - 108030,001,50
900 - 108034,005,00
900 - 108036,005,00
900 - 108037,007,00
900 - 108042,009,00
900 - 108050,001,50
900 - 108050,002,00
900 - 108055,001,50
900 - 108096,003,00
900 - 1080120,005,00
900 - 1080134,003,00
900 - 1080145,003,00

An example of a wave permeability curve of different length expressed as a percentage:

Protective glasses for laser - permeability curve


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