Powders for thermal spraying and laser cladding


Powders for thermal spraying and laser cladding

The process of thermal spraying of solid metal was first applied at the beginning of the 19th century by the Swiss M.U. Schoop. The concept of flame spraying has not changed much since that time - it’s still based on the same scheme. However, chemical evolution has allowed us to expand the range of materials used. In addition to

solid wires for laser cladding

, you can use

powder wires

or the powder itself, which is fed through the

laser head nozzle.

We offer

powders for thermal spraying and laser cladding

in granulation from 5 to 145 micrometers:

based on iron ,
based on nickel ,
based on molybdenum ,
based on copper ,
based on aluminum ,
based on carbides.

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